Welcome to A New Lady

Beautiful. Bold. Brilliant.

A New Lady is a jewelry brand that creates pieces inspired by iconic women in history and their fashion eras. I launched A New Lady because I want to spark confidence with sparkle and storytelling for women. Our jewelry is created as a physical reminder of our connection to these heroines’ relatable stories and their relevance today.
I believe A New Lady is an engaging way to teach others about these ladies' lives and the jewelry and gemstones of their time. I hope you feel beautiful, bold, brilliant, and empowered by these women when you wear jewelry from A New Lady!


Andrea N. Leitch 
Founder and Designer, A New Lady 


Meet A Notable Fashionista: A New Lady's Illustrator

Our fabulous hand-drawn illustrations were created by artist Heather Leitch. For more information about her work and prints, please contact her here.