This Revolutionary Writer Portrayed Her Heroines Unlike Most Authors of Her Time

Who: Charlotte Brontë, a young author who wrote one of the most iconic novels in English literature; she published books under the pseudonym Currer Bell in the 1800s; April 21, 1816–March 31, 1855

Why She Dazzles: She penned novels about smart, independent women who are conflicted between their social surroundings and love. The most popular novel of hers: Jane Eyre. Swoon! 

Why You Need to Know Her Today: Charlotte wrote about strong young heroines who weren't afraid to speak their minds in the 19th century. (Jane Eyre came before Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen!) Oh, and she introduced us to the OG Adèle. Charlotte was also the eldest sister to her superstar sisters Emily Brontë (Wuthering Heights) and Anne Brontë (Agnes Grey), both famous Brit Lit authors.

What She Would Write Today—Because She Wrote It Then: “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”—Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre

What the Ladies Rocked Then: Anything from the Georgian period: chandelier earrings, coral cameos, and acrostic jewelry, which spells a word by using the first letter of each gemstone in the piece. Popular stones included garnets, emeralds, and malachite, or sapphires (GEMS!).

How You Can Rock It Now: Garnets represent love, so the red garnet is the perfect color for the novelist who wrote the iconic romance novel for the modern, independent woman. Plus, the garnet is a symbol of courage and strength, providing the extra encouragement to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do—go after it, girl!

Where She May Like to Instagram: Rochester finally revealed his love to Jane in his garden: "'Come to me—come to me entirely now,' said he; and added, in his deepest tone, speaking in my ear as his cheek was laid on mine, 'Make my happiness—I will make yours.'" Savill Garden, a lovely royal garden in England, features some of the country's most breathtaking scenery of flowers, trees, and plants across 35 acres. The rose garden blooms in vibrant colors and sweet scents, creating a sensory experience for visitors. It’s the perfect place for an English rose.

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Charlotte Brontë: Beautiful. Bold. Brilliant.