Picture of vintage jewelry


Beautiful. Bold. Brilliant. These are just a few words that describe the brave, real, and iconic women featured here who sparkle like jewels and will dazzle us forever.

Now let’s imagine if these intrepid women were here today, sharing a glimpse of their bright world with us in a new way. What did she say that you want others to hear? Which bling-bling necklace did she drape around her neck for last night’s dinner party? Where in the world did she visit and post to Instagram? What did she send you via snail mail? Imagine … and then let’s bring each woman’s courage and sophistication into our own lives because it’s up to us to follow in their footsteps, continue their successes, and empower one another with their stories.

I hope you indulge in these women’s truly remarkable lives that shaped our past, present, and future, and then share their legacies with others so we can each live as a new lady of modern brilliance.

Much love,