Eva (Evita) Perón

Picture of Eva Perón writing in a stylish hat

Who: Eva “Evita” Perón (full name: María Eva Duarte de Perón), a legendary figure in Argentine politics who used her position as First Lady to fight for women’s suffrage and the underprivileged

Why She Dazzles: She grew up poor, established a career for herself as an actress in Buenos Aires, and became a world-renowned First Lady who used her position and power for good. A dream-come-true story for all.

Why You Need to Know Her Today: Eva gave radio addresses and speeches at rallies to help win women the right to vote. She also established the Eva Perón Foundation to fight poverty, and spent countless hours giving money and medicine to those in need. Remember, we can always lend a helping hand like Eva.

What She Would Say—Because She Said It Then: “I demanded more rights for women because I know what women had to put up with.”

Picture of Christian Dior multi-colored diamond brooch
Gems of wisdom from Eva: “You must want! You have the right to ask! You must desire.”

What She Would Wear to a State Dinner Tonight: A multi-colored diamond Christian Dior brooch that can be worn as a single piece or on a dazzling diamond necklace. Paris couture and high-fashion designers influenced Eva’s style, although she favored Dior’s tight-waisted dress suits. (If you’re in Buenos Aires, then you should visit the Evita Museum to see her voluminous ball gowns, chic cocktail dresses, fabulous footwear, and eye-catching jewelry.)

Picture of a card that features a lady carrying a suitcase on a trip
Eva traveled to Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Brazil, and Uruguay during her “Rainbow Tour.”

What She Would Send to Her Friend:
A card from her 1947 European travels. She visited with dignitaries and state leaders; a trip that was considered highly significant politically, however it was deemed a “goodwill” tour that landed her a lot of press. Time magazine featured her in a cover story with the caption “Eva Perón: Between two worlds, an Argentine rainbow” which was in reference to the name given to her tour, The Rainbow Tour.

Picture of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires
The Casa Rosada, or “Pink House,” is the seat of the Argentine national government and houses the president’s office.


Where She Would Instagram: The Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires. It’s named for its distinctive color—pink—and it’s where Eva made her famous speech to thousands of supporters. From the balcony of the presidential office, she spoke to poor laborers and gained her and her husband Juan Perón more approval from the working class. You can listen to Eva in her own words here.

Tweet This: #DYK Argentina’s First Lady Eva Perón was known as “la dama de la esperanza,” or “the lady of hope,” and Argentina’s Congress gave her the official title of “Spiritual Leader of the Nation” #anewlady

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